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Snap : 最新かつスマート、簡単に操作可能。

  • Content matters: Snap offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface that is fully compliant with accessibility parameters.

  • New User Profile: Reduce the number of clicks required to complete common tasks.

  • Search made easy: A new search feature allows users to navigate to courses, topics, activities, and specific resources to complete their pending requests.


  • 技術的な問題やインシデント発生時には、サポートサービスをご利用頂けます。

  • Open LMS プラットフォームの導入時、メンテナンス時には、サポートとガイダンスを提供します。

  • お客様の組織に最適なソリューションを提供するための、コンサルティングを実施します。

  • 管理者向けのトレーニングプログラム

  • エンドユーザ向けチュートリアル

Quick and easy migration to Open LMS SaaS services

Using open source technology has a beneficial impact on the processes and functions that institutions support, and teaching and learning is no exception. Institutions that specifically seek such solutions in Open LMS are seeing many benefits, including:

  • Continuous and rapid improvement:  Open LMS leverages two main sources of innovation: features and improvements from the open source community, and expertise and experience from Blackboard.
  • Open LMS Review Quality:  Open LMS extends its open source foundations to address key integrations in educational and collaborative environments.
  • Flexibility: The ability to modify and extend the software to meet specific requirements provides flexibility because the source code is available along with development standards for modifications, ensuring compatibility between versions and ensuring that modifications can be implemented correctly without impacting other parts of the software or services.

Provider Independence

Ideally, your LMS provider’s technology should meet your organization’s requirements. But what if that’s not the case? Being happy with the technology doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happy with the provider.

Open LMS brings together nearly every content standard, activity record and data exchange within the industry. Open and inclusive by nature, open source technologies are leading the way in defining and implementing these initiatives.

Open LMS offers the most mature and stable Moodle™-based SaaS product on the market

  • Open LMS is committed to the open source community.


Open LMS is responsible for advancing teaching and learning content.


With Open LMS integration the possibilities are endless.


Our integration solutions are compatible with and applicable to Moodle™.

We know your teaching and learning needs, and we have the tools and solutions to meet them.

  • Blackboard Open Content: A tool that allows you to use learning materials and content from multiple LMS environments as well as upload them to the cloud.

  • Blackboard Collaborate: The most powerful video conferencing tool on the market.

  • Conduit: A powerful tool for automating user and course management processes.

  • IntelliBoard: Learning analytics technology that goes beyond statistics.

  • X-Ray Learning Analytics Solution: A technology that goes beyond statistics to perform predictive analysis.

  • Office 365: An integrated solution that combines the productivity and improvements of Office 365 with the customizable Open LMS platform.

User Experience in Open LMS


Snap is an open source theme designed by Blackboard to create a modern online teaching and learning environment.

Snap is a responsive theme, which means that both learners and educators can use the feature on any device, from desktop to mobile, without having to install an app.

Snap’s user-centered design makes learning more engaging for learners, and its intuitive workflow makes life easier for educators, too, so they can focus on teaching instead of figuring out how to use the system.

Happy staff + happy learners = better learning

User-friendly features

Much more than a plain theme. Snap Expand opens up Open LMS features to better support the needs of learners and educators.

A truly personal menu



Snap’s easy-to-use, personal menu allows users to navigate and perform frequent tasks efficiently – all courses, deadlines, messages, and feedback are always just a click or tap away, saving time.

Snap’s personal menu acts as your teaching and learning dashboard. It shows you all the key information you need to get the most out of your teaching and learning.

A course with character

Every course on Snap allows teachers to add a cover image to give it a unique personality.


Easy workflow with activity cards

Activity cards are one of the most popular features of Snap. Activity cards increase convenience for learners and educators. Learners can quickly see if they have submitted an activity, due date, and feedback.

The activity card will show the instructor how many have been submitted and how many need grade feedback. Deadlines, completion and feedback are displayed on the activity card without the need to click on the activity or report.

Easy editing and content creation

We know you need flexibility when editing your courses, so we’ve reduced the number of clicks required to create content.


Easy branding

Snap allows you to spread your unique brand, deliver memorable teaching and learning experiences, ensure a consistent aesthetic, and provide sustainability for the future.


Snap ensures a great user experience for all users, regardless of disability. Snap meets a range of global accessibility requirements for all users, including keyboard accessibility and full support for assistive technologies such as screen readers, text magnifiers and speech-to-text solutions.


Built on open source standards

Snap is an open source theme, built with two of the most popular open source frameworks on the web, Bootstrap & jQuery, so developers can dive straight in.


Open LMS is the perfect option to achieve your learning goals.

How does it work?

Open LMS operates under the Software as a Service (SaaS) modality where the provider (Open LMS) assumes the roles of:



Open LMS is responsible for implementing all activities to meet customer requirements. Open LMS Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee the quality of service to customers.

Why is Open LMS better than other SaaS providers?

Open LMS is supported by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.

Open LMS’ SaaS modality uses large-scale technologies like cloud computing and also sets extremely high operational and security standards to meet availability and functionality levels.Open LMS also relies on a dedicated and certified staff dedicated to managing, operating, maintaining and supporting the platform (global support in different languages).

Additionally, SaaS providers usually have some sort of certification or service accreditation associated with the software manufacturer. In the case of Open LMS, apart from being the largest open source partner of Moodle™, it is supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure as well as Blackboard’s data centers around the world.

Platform hosting services will depend on the size and geography of each customer.

On the other hand, the Open LMS team has an incident documentation that can be categorized by emergency category, so that customers can be informed of the approximate response time. This not only proves the reliability and experience of Open LMS as a provider, but also translates into agility and effectiveness of the process for customers. Furthermore, the global team in different parts of the world responds to different levels of customer demand through various communication channels.




Platform support is available in three ways:

  • Platform support is available in three ways:
  • End-user Support: If end-users need support, they can access video tutorials and documentation provided by Open LMS. If they have questions that require further resources, end-users can open a support ticket by contacting their institution’s site administrator.
  • Community Support:  Open LMS has over 4 million users worldwide. Users can find solutions to their problems in the support forums, where the community posts solutions to problems they have encountered.

Services and Benefits

  • Dedicated Customer Engagement Team: A dedicated team listens and keeps a close eye on customer interests, clarifies doubts and guides customers throughout the implementation process, and also consults with them to find the best solution for their type of organization.